Sub Seeking Dom

Sort of a personal ad. Submissive woman seeing new Dom. In the D/s leather BDSM Poly. and swinging lifestyle. Living near DC, Southern Maryland, member of Bess, and Black Rose. Attended Black Rose convention this past November. Read on...Photos coming soon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Dear Sir

Dear Sir,
I have been searching for you. It is my hope that you will find me very soon. My desire to learn from you that which you would find pleasing in a sub is most sincere. In my limited experience I have discovered that many in cyberspace tend toward being fakes. This is why I seek to learn of your desires and what it would take to fulfill them. As I learn, I will also know that you are real and not a mer cyber want-a-be.

I assure you that I am a submissive and have the never-ending desire to please and be pleasing for my Dom. I would come to you with some D/s experience but I am willing to go through any training that you may desire or require. In the past I have been in several D/s relationships and find them much more satisfying than the casual sort of public scenes.

Should you desire it I will give you a brief run down of history and experience, as I would hope you would be willing to reciprocate.

I do not consider physical attributes important in this search however I do prefer someone of my same race (Caucasian). I do tend to be attracted to tall, rather bulky men, there is just something that feels right about big men for me.

Please do not send me a photo of your family jewels or one of your penis. If you write to me I will just make the assumption that you have them unless you feel the need to tell me differently.

I do have a few rules… I do not play around with husbands going behind their wives back. So if you are looking to cheat – not with me. Also, No drugs, no diseases, no scat, no water sports, no guns, no animals, and no kids. Save, sane and consensual. Respect goes both ways and safe words are respected. Anything else can be negotiated.

If you do find my little letter here to be something of interest, drop me a note. My email is
I will answer all email. If for some reason you do not hear from me within a day or two please write again. I try to answer all email within 72hours. If I am out of town a notice will be on my web site.

Very truly,